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Welcome to the website for the Hawai`i Apiary Program!

Our program was officially established in 2011. We are here to provide services to the bees and the beekeeping industries in Hawai`i. Honey bees are not native to Hawai`i, but they have been here for over 150 years, providing a variety of excellent honey and, most importantly, pollination for many plants. Local agriculture depends heavily on honey bee pollination. Beekeeping industries in Hawai`i include honey production and queen bee rearing for export. Our website is "unofficial" because we are funded through a variety of agencies (see below) and are not using any of their "official" website services.

If you're new to beekeeping or just thinking about getting started, have a look a the "FAQ" link above. Information about bee pests and diseases can be found on the "Bee Health" page. "Current Beevents" will tell you about recent/upcoming bee-related news, including beekeeping classes in the state that we know about. "Beesources" provides links to more helpful bee information, including some instructional videos.


Apiary Program services for Hawai`i beekeepers


Apiary Program services for Hawai`i growers


Apiary program services for Hawai`i residents


Contact Us - who we are and where we're at

Hawai`i Department of Agriculture
16 East Lanikaula Street
Hilo, HI 96720
email Danielle Downey, Apiary Specialist
email Lauren Rusert, Apiary Technician


Apiary Program History and Funding

Although our Apiary Specialist has been on the job since Decmber 2010, our program was not officially created unitl July 2011, when Governor Abercrombie signed Act 200 into law. This law created four unfunded positions and a voluntary bekeeper registry through the Hawai`i State Department of Agriculture. The program is funded until summer 2014 with assistance from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit (PCSU) at the Research Corporation of the University of Hawai`i, and the Hawai`i Department of Agriculture (HDOA).